Anjie Blair


Angry Birds birthday party

This year was my first big birthday party as a mum. Wow. I am still cleaning up!!  

I made a lot of the decorations myself, so I thought it would be helpful to others who may be wanting to have an Angry Birds theme party. After searching the internet and being overwhelmed with Pinterest, here are some of the resources I found to come in handy. 

Lets start with the cake. It was heavily inspired on this awesome effort over at  electric pig. The towers were made from boost bars and other smaller chocolates and we already had a stash of Angry Birds mini figures. The cake was irresistible for little party-goers fingers and we had to rebuild a couple of times...all part of the fun :)

 It was recommended to me from a friend that I should use a powder or gel for the green grass icing. I ended up using Wilton branded gel from Spotlight at a cost of around $6. I used the teeniest amount and it still created a vivid green!

I love papercraft. So any excuse to get out the hot glue gun and I am there. Something totally meditative for me about fiddling with cutting and folding paper. For the box angry birds, I found the templates over at Little Plastic Man.  The thickness of the paper for sturdiness was 200gsm and best cut with an exacto blade on a cutting mat. Great weekend activity! Total Drama Paper have some great Angry Birds Space templates too.

Be sure to check out the Free printable birthday kit from Shery K Designs. It was here I used the happy birthday tags and the backgrounds for my 'bird food' and 'pig food' signs.

My cupcake toppers (also printed on 200gsm) can be found here

And finally, the angry birds font that I used for my signs can be found for download over here at fontspace.

A big thank you to all that helped and participated in the party - couldn't have pulled it off without all the extra hands. A big shout out to Joanna, Marian and Mum.

Another shout out goes to Kat from Jump Jump Bounce. I had done some graphic design work for Kat (designing her new logo and business cards), so having a jump at the party was a must. The jumping castle was an absolute hit, so be sure to look up Jump Jump Bounce if you are thinking of hiring a castle for your next party. We had the toy story castle - it was huge! It kept the kids totally entertained and wore them out too!