Anjie Blair


Take photos of your children

A girlfriend had a baby today. Thinking about how she must be feeling about her new babe made me reflect longingly on my own experience. Going through pregnancy, mental preparation, birth, joy, elation, tiredness, LOVE. Wondering if your body will ever go back to the way it once was. ACCEPTANCE that motherhood is a life changer.

Then I take a look at my kiddo. He is not a baby, a toddler, or even a preschooler anymore. He is a half grown boy, learning how to participate in this big 'ol world.  

He is becoming less willing to be in front of my lens these days, as I try and keep a memory of things I would soon forget.  His hair, the shape of his nose, his perfect lips, his SPIRIT, his momentary stillness amongst the craziness of being a 6 year old boy. 

I started with a camera to document how we change and grow, piece memories together. Wish I had started earlier, but I am stuck here and I love it. Memories become vague (at least for my little brain) - but photographs do all the remembering.

Slow the pace. Catch it. ENJOY x